Frequently Asked Questions

How often are checks sent out?
Checks are usually sent after the collection is over, but can be requested as often as wanted. Request a check by sending an e-mail to
How much does PayTrax cost?
PayTrax is free to use for registration and managing students who have or have not paid. However, if you wish to process online payments, there will be a fee that will be agreed upon before the collection is started.
How do I upgrade my account to accept online payments?
To begin accepting online payments, there is nothing you have to do - simply tell your registrants to click the "Pay Now" button after registration. The money will be accepted automatically.
How secure are schoolPayment's online payments?
Very. Since PayTrax does not handle the transactions (PayPal does) there is no risk of having financial information compromised. PayPal uses SSL encryption to process payments and to date has not had any security issues.
Who operates PayTrax?
PayTrax is a service owned and operated by Delcoe Communications, Inc. The Owner and CEO of Delcoe Communications is D. Marshall Lemcoe Jr.
Can PayTrax deliver cash instead of a check?
Generally the handling of cash is not recommended, however it is possible. Send an e-mail to to see if something can be worked out.
How does PayTrax handle chargebacks?
A chargeback occurs when a PayPal payment is disputed and refunded to the payee. This means that money given to PayTrax was taken back without proper authorization. In the event of a chargeback, the check sent to the school will be less the amount of the payment, with an additional $25 fee. If you have any questions or would like to work out a dispute, contact
One of my registrants wants a refund - what do I do?
Refunds will be granted with a $5 fee per refund after the first three. Refunds can either be refunded to the payee or to the school through the final collection check. To request a refund, send an e-mail to
Can feature xxxxxx be put into PayTrax?
PayTrax is very interested to hear suggestions for new features and functionality. We encourage you to contact to tell us what you would like to see.
How do I use the student upload feature?
If you would like to upload a list of students to add to a collection, click on the "Add Students" link in the sidebar, download the upload template (link at the bottom of the page), add your list of students to the file, save it, and upload it using the file upload selector on the page. Finally, click the "Submit" button.
The form options available don't suit my needs, how can I add fields?
To get a form made for your collection, simply e-mail and tell us what information you need.
What is a QR code?
QR stands for Quick Reponse and is a technology where users can use their phones or other mobile devices to "scan" the code. The device then takes them to a particular URL, sends a message, adds a contact, or any variety of things. Consider using PayTrax QR Codes on flyers or brochures so students can register quickly with their phones.
What is Automatic Notify?
Automatic Notify is a system that sends messages to registrants that have not paid at an interval that you set. Registrants that have not paid will be messaged with the frequency you choose that they owe on the collection.

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